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Pete Carroll: Seahawks wanted to hang 50 on 49ers

"What's your deal?"

Those were Pete Carroll's famous words for Jim Harbaugh back in 2009, when Harbaugh -- then the coach of Stanford -- attempted a two-point conversation with a 55-21 lead over a USC team coached by Carroll.

On Sunday night, the tables were turned. It was Carroll's Seattle Seahawks holding a huge advantage, leading Harbaugh's San Francisco 49ers 42-6 in the fourth quarter.

Was Carroll tempted to score again and go for two to drop a 50-burger on his old rival?

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman pleaded with Carroll to run it up, ironic considering Sherman was on Harbaugh's Stanford team. In an interview on "Around The League," Carroll told NFL Network's Lindsay Rhodes that the 50-burger was a popular idea on the Seahawks' sideline during the team's eventual 42-13 win.

"He wasn't the only one," Carroll said of Sherman's plea.

"Guys were kidding about it," he went on. "We were just going to finish the game, it had nothing to do with that. But some guys were asking the question whether or not we would go for two if we scored again."

Alas, we'll never know. Between this and the honking thing, we kind of wish these two teams played every week.

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