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Pete Carroll: Mark Sanchez-Tim Tebow combo no help

Just about everyone -- New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum excluded -- seemed to know the Jets' acquisition of quarterback Tim Tebow was going to have a negative effect on starter Mark Sanchez.

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll felt that way when the Jets acquired Tebow, and he still does after his Seahawks rolled to a 28-7 win over the reeling Jets on Sunday. Carroll, of course, coached Sanchez during his college days at USC.

"I think he's in a very difficult situation," Carroll said Monday on 710 ESPN Seattle. "The whole emphasis of the two-quarterback thing is really hard. You saw it (Sunday). It didn't get much for them. It's got to be a little bit disruptive. I feel for him."

The Jets haven't used Tebow extensively, but he's been a regular bit player in their gameplan. At one point in Sunday's loss, CBS cameras captured a visibly frustrated Sanchez on the sideline after being pulled for another low-impact Tebow play.

"It's just a distraction," Carroll said. "It's mixed signals that go out. Their fans are torn up. If they didn't have a situation like this, they wouldn't be hooting and hollering probably the way they do at him, so it wouldn't be as difficult. That's just part of it. I do feel for Mark and anybody that would be in that situation."

The Jets' two-quarterback approach has been an abject failure. The team hoped the Sanchez/Tebow hybrid attack would make them a gameplan nightmare for the opposition. Instead, it's the Jets who appear to be discombobulated each Sunday.

It was colossal error in judgment that could set off a chain reaction in the organization.

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