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Pete Carroll explains lack of 'Hard Knocks' interest

Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider broke the news during a Wednesday appearance of PFT Live that HBO and NFL Films had gauged the team's interest in appearing on "Hard Knocks", but that it was not something that he or head coach Pete Carrollwere comfortable with.

Later in the afternoon, Carroll appeared on the "Gas and Elise" show on KJR-AM, where he acknowledged that the team would be an interesting subject, but that's not what they're there to do.

"It came up awhile back," Carroll said. "They put out their feelers on this deal. This is something that I'm just not interested in and John (Schneider) isn't either and we both see eye-to-eye on that one. So when it came up again here, it was real clear that we didn't want to do that. I think we'd be a great candidate for it. I think they'd have fun watching us and all that, and we'd put on a good little show for 'em, but that's not what we're here to do.

"We're here to put together a great team and win football games. We're not here to entertain somebody on a TV show, we're here to win games on Sundays. So, that just doesn't fit into the mentality and the philosophy. It's an exciting, fun show, and it's fun to watch other guys. They ain't gonna see us, that's all."

The energetic Carroll added that cameramen would need to be on "roller skates and mopeds" to keep up with the Seahawks during filming.

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