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Pete Carroll: Don't forget about Tarvaris Jackson

Tarvaris Jackson signed with the Seahawks last offseason and was immediately named the starting quarterback by Pete Carroll. Matt Flynn will have to earn the job on the field.

Carroll has emphasized repeatedly that Flynn and Jackson will have an open competition for the starting gig this year.

"Jackson was our starter last year and he's coming in to compete head-to-head for the starting job," Carroll said on WQAM via "It's my job now to make sure I create a competitive opportunity for both kids to show they can fit in and we'll go with the best guy and it's going to make our quarterback position better certainly. We are happy about that."

Don't assume this is just lip service from Carroll. Jackson played well for stretches last year, showed toughness, and is popular among his teammates. Flynn's contract averages over $6 million-per-season, while Jackson makes $4 million. It's not that huge a gap.

Flynn is the favorite to win the gig, but odds are that both guys will start during the year. The biggest question: Will there be another big name added to the mix?

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