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Pawngo CEO apologizes for Boston Butterfinger stunt

Before this week, we would've guessed Pawngo was a defunct novelty toy company from the 1970s.

Now we know it's a Denver-based online pawn shop, thanks to a promotional stunt that involved dropping 900 pounds of Butterfingers (8,000 bars) in Boston's Copley Square on Tuesday with the message, "Thank you Wes Welker. Pawngo"

On Wednesday, CEO Todd Hills asked for forgiveness, after realizing a city might not see the humor in an outsider mocking one of its most popular players after a soul-crushing defeat.

"We thought that Boston fans would get a laugh out of it. But, for many great Boston sports fans, it was taken offensively," Hills said in a statement, according to The Boston Globe . "Please accept my most sincere apologies. We got caught up in the moment, reacting to a suggestion that we thought would be funny, but we were wrong, and on behalf of everyone involved with Pawngo, I apologize."

Pawngo (which again, is not a defunct disco-era novelty toy company) could've saved itself a lot of hate mail -- and money after being cited by Boston's code enforcement office for violating commercial dumping ordinances -- by simply pulling the same stunt in New York's Central Park.

Bigger stage, larger media contingent, better public reception -- it should've been a no-brainer. This is why online pawn shops can't have nice things.

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