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Paul Revere statue to wear Tebow jersey if Pats are upset

Oh, these political operatives and their high-stakes football wagers!

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino denied Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's initial ante for Saturday's AFC divisional playoff between the Patriots and Broncos -- settling on something that will have one Revolutionary War hero spinning in his grave.

"He (wanted) me to do the Tebow impression," Menino told WBZ-TV this week. "I do that every Sunday in church."

The bet they agreed to won't feed the city's homeless, but will ensure that one of these men is adequately wined-and-dined.

» If the Patriots win, Mayor Hancock will be forced to wear a Brady jersey and treat Mayor Menino to a Denver steak dinner.

» If the Broncos pull the upset, Menino will treat Hancock to a lobster supper, but that's not all -- one local landmark will receive an unwelcome makeover.

That means you, Paul Revere, whose statue in Boston's North End will be dressed up in a Tebow jersey for an entire day.

Menino doesn't see this happening.

"The Patriots have all the tools an NFL team needs to go all the way," he said. "I am confident in our team."

If you're the man who put your life on the line to warn of a British invasion, you certainly hope so.

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