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Pats TE Hernandez performs best Red Sox pitcher impression

Too soon.

That's the message denizens of Red Sox Nation undoubtedly have for Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, who snacked on a piece of chicken during an interview session with reporters Thursday.

As you might be aware, poultry and professional athletes is a taboo subject in New England these days. According to a post-mortem exposé by The Boston Globe, prominent Red Sox pitchers were known to sit in the clubhouse during the team's doomed season, eating fried chicken and guzzling beer during games.

Hernandez didn't make any allusion to the Saux collapse, and he also went with a far more healthy choice of grilled chicken with a General Tso's glaze.

Asked (for some bizarre reason) if he planned to play while holding a piece of chicken, a straight-faced Hernandez answered genuinely.

"Um, probably not because I don't want to drop any more touchdown catches," he said, alluding to an end-zone drop against the Jets last Sunday.

Now that Patriots tight ends are impersonating Boston baseball stars, perhaps the Jets' Dustin Keller can channel Alex Rodriguez and answer questions with both hands wrapped around his neck.

Too soon?

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