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Patriots propose to extend field-goal posts 5 feet

The NFL Competition Committee held a conference call Wednesday in advance of next week's Annual League Meeting in Orlando. Our favorite proposal came from a team, not the committee.

Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots proposed that the NFL extend the goal posts five feet higher to help determine whether a field goal is good or not.

This idea is a long time coming. Adam Carolla has been pushing it on our air for years, and it makes too much sense not to happen. At least a few times per season, an official is put in the impossible spot of evaluating whether a field goal is good when it goes well over the uprights. It decides games.

The Patriots also proposed expanding replay to include all officials' decisions, except scoring plays which are automatically reviewed. That proposal sounds like a long shot.

Since the committee did not suggest these rule changes themselves, it withheld its opinion on the proposal. The owners will discuss and vote on the proposals next week.

We're supposed to be unbiased, but raising the goal posts has long been a passion project. Do the right thing, NFL owners, and end the insanity!

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