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Patriots owner Kraft labels Tebow to Jets 'exciting'

A little housecleaning from this week's NFL Annual Meeting:

Count New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft among those thankful to see Tim Tebow join the New York Jets. Perhaps an unusual stance, considering New England will be pitted against the quarterback twice a year, but in his supreme confidence, Kraft believes it will serve to strengthen the tension and drama between the teams.

"I think it's exciting; I think it's a lot of fun," Kraft told ESPN this week. "You know, the NFL is about rivalries ... And I'm a big fan of Tim Tebow. I love that he's into spirituality, and I think it makes the rivalry an even bigger rivalry."

One concern lingers for Kraft: "I don't know if there will be enough media hype around the game."

We're somewhat certain that won't be an issue.

It's one angle we haven't looked at closely yet: What the addition of Tebow does for an already feverish blood feud between the Jets and Patriots, with momentum swinging back and forth between the teams.

In 2009, Rex Ryan waltzed onto the scene and split the card with Bill Belichick. 2010 went to the Jets. 2011 went decisively to New England. What happens this season remains to be seen, even if New York's amped-up love affair with the Wildcat feels especially 2008.

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