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Patriots' Bill Belichick makes surprising Twitter cameo

After a long day of free agency news at Around The League, we knew we could count on Bill Belichick for some light-hearted fun.

Wait, what?

Belichick -- who once referred to Facebook as Yearbook -- made a surprise social-media cameo Tuesday night, using the Twitter account of his girlfriend (Boston TV personality Linda Holliday) to answer questions from fans.

Here's a sampling of what the New England Patriots' coach had to say:


» We love his answer about the sweatshirts. Seems like the setup for a really awful "Tim & Eric" sketch.

» The bit about the clock in his car is in reference to this. The comedic high point of his NFL Network "A Football Life" special from a couple of years back. If Belichick's timeline is correct, it took him more than four years to figure out how to program the clock in his car. Think about that.

» Belichick a Junior Mints guy? The first true surprise of the free agency period.

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» We've always found Belichick's deep adoration for Bon Jovi fascinating. Total superfan move to cite a deep track as his personal favorite from the Jovi discography, too. This is "Bounce." We've never heard of it, either.

» Belichick's choice of Sanders over Rice makes sense, given his pedigree. You can make the obligatory Leon Sandcastle joke if you want. We refuse.

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