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Patriots' Bill Belichick kisses Aaron Hernandez's injury

An afternoon full of fights at New England Patriots training camp turned into an even full of love. Forget 1,000 words: This Bill Belichick photo has us speechless.

"I had a little bruise on my elbow and I was whining about it, and he was just showing me the love of a father figure and he gave me a kiss on the elbow," tight end Aaron Hernandez told Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe.

Belichick can be sarcastic and hilarious when he wants to be. He also clearly has favorites among the players he coaches. With that in mind, perhaps the picture isn't so surprising. For the record, Hernandez did not ask for Belichick to kiss and make his boo-boo better.

"No, I didn't ask him," Hernandez said with a smile. "I damn sure liked it though. Felt some love."

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