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Patrick Willis says Randy Moss has been 'unbelievable'

When the San Francisco 49ers added Randy Moss to their stable of wideouts this offseason, nobody quite knew which Randy Moss would show up. The man who torched defenses for a decade-plus? Or the Moss who floated from team to team in 2010 before retiring.

All-Pro linebacker Patrick Willis continues to strum a beat we've heard over and over of late: The Good Randy is back.

"It's an honor to have a guy like that on our team," Willis told the Contra Costa Times on Thursday. "For people to say the things they said about him, that's in the past. All we know is what we've seen here, and that's all that counts to us. So far he's been unbelievable."

We have yet to see Moss replicate his drill speed against a live defense, but perhaps his 2011 hiatus has paid off. Or perhaps Willis has another reason to keep Moss in the fold.

"He's my best fishing buddy," Willis said Thursday. "We went fishing a couple times now, and I've out-fished him both times."

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