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Pat Bowlen will be 'ticked off for a month' after loss

While media members debate how big a part Peyton Manning's arm strength played in the Denver Broncosgut-punching overtime loss to the Baltimore Ravens, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen just plans to stew.

"I'm still ticked off," he said Monday, via The Denver Post. "I'll be ticked off for a month. They're tough to get over. Especially when you're in that position and you have that opportunity."

The position Bowlen refers to was a Broncos' seven-point lead with less than a minute remaining and their opponent 70 yards away from the end zone. Then Rahim Mooreinexplicably misplayed a deep pass leading to overtime and ultimately the loss.

Coming up on his 29th year as majority owner in Denver, Bowlen reiterated that he has faith in John Fox, despite the criticism the head coach has taken after the loss.

The Broncos have made the AFC divisional round each of the past two seasons under John Elway and Fox, and while each season has ended in its own disappointing fashion, Denver has young pieces on offense and defense to contend for the next several years.

The next order of business for Bowlen after his month of being ticked: pick up Manning's two-year, $40 million option.

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