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Parcells should stay in the shadows

The Jets and Saints continue to battle for headlines.

The Saints will take your Tim Tebow press conference, New York, and raise you a Big Tuna. Fox Sports insider and NFL Network contributor Jay Glazer reports that Sean Payton has approached Bill Parcells about the possibility of taking over the Saints as interim head coach.

I'm almost speechless, but that wouldn't make a very good post. Let's dive in.

Better idea in theory than reality

All of the coach speculation to this point has been centered around offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael, offensive line coach Aaron Kromer, and defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. Carmichael and Kromer know how the Saints work. Spags has head coaching experience. They are all young and hungry.

Parcells is an out of the box notion that sounds better in theory than reality. Parcells has said repeatedly that he's done with coaching and that he's burned out. Even in Miami, Parcells was relatively hands off after he took the over as bvice president of football operations. It's a young man's game, as Parcells has repeated often.

Protection for Payton?

Perhaps this is Sean Payton's way of trying to protect his job in 2013. Brian Billick of pointed out that the Saints could decide to move on from Payton depending how 2012 played out. That wouldn't be a temptation with Parcells in town.

Parcells would only want to be in for one year, no matter how it goes.

Waiting for Canton

Hall of Fame vice president of communications Joe Horrigan confirmed to that Parcells would re-start his Canton clock if he returned to an interim coaching job. Parcells did not get inducted to the Hall of Fame this year, but he came close. If he returned as an interim coach, Parcells wouldn't be eligible for the Hall for another five years.

Consultant job makes more sense

The Saints could split the difference and hire Parcells in some sort of consultant role. He could work with the interim head coach for a year without making the insane commitment that being a head coach requires.

This solution could work well for everyone involved. The Saints would get Parcells' expertise in a lesser role without delaying his Hall of Fame clock.

NFL Network's Jason La Canfora reports that hiring Parcells is not especially likely and it's only one scenario the team is considering. It's an option the Saints should pass on.

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