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Panthers' Shockey refuses handshake with ex-Saints teammates

Some guys play this one safe, but Jeremy Shockey harbors no hesitation burning bridges with a former employer.

After Carolina fell to New Orleans on Sunday, the Panthers tight end sailed into burn-mode, refusing to shake hands with his former Saints teammates and coaches.

Saints coach Sean Payton -- familiar with Shockey's historically uneven demeanor -- told reporters he was unmoved by the snub.

Shockey had second thoughts Monday, tweeting an apology: "I hold myself accountable. It was a classless move by me. No one takes losses worse than me," adding later: "I have offended God and mankind."

We've seen worse. Namely Chiefs coach Todd Haleyangrily snubbing former Broncos coach Josh McDaniels in 2009. 

As embarrassing as that episode was, Kansas City's moody leader didn't invent the insult, but the whole handshake thing is a newer beast. 

Way back when, coaches typically shook hands before the heat of battle, if at all. And nobody's ever required players to do so, but Shockey -- his conscience tugging at him -- appears to harbor second thoughts about his postgame antics.

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