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Palmer 'comfortable' with Raiders' attack after bye week

The Raiders are hoping a drastically different Carson Palmer takes the field Sunday against the Broncos.

Rushed into service against the Chiefs in Week 7, Palmer scattered interceptions left and right and admitted to the media it was a "complete shock" to see the field after the Bengalstraded him to Oakland only days before.

After spending nine months away from the game, Palmer used the Raiders' bye week to absorb the offense and build chemistry with his new receivers.

"There's no comparison to last week," Palmer told the team's official site. "I'm comfortable with the entire playbook. You know, I'm comfortable with the guys, comfortable with the snap count, where to stand in the huddle. Every little bit that I've been around here, every second that I've had, I've just learned more and more."

It was a revelation for Palmer to spend time with the Raiders' young wideouts, who gave up their week off to mesh with their new quarterback.

It's just good that they're so hungry," Palmer said. "For them to stick around for me, I appreciate it tremendously, and it will benefit them, benefit myself and benefit the team in the long term."

Best thing for Palmer? Forget the raging debacle against the Chiefs. It was an unsettling moment that cast doubt on an over-hyped trade. Palmer -- we shouldn't forget -- walked away from his Bengals teammates, a move that would have destroyed the reputations of other NFL quarterbacks (honestly, what would the response be if Michael Vick walked out on the Eagles?).

Assuming this is Palmer's fresh start, it's in his best interest to data-wipe his opening act in Oakland.

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