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Packers (mostly) over Ndamukong Suh's stomp

People don't quickly forget about a man stomped into the ground on Thanksgiving Day.

Evan Dietrich-Smith understands the lingering curiosity, but the Green Bay Packers offensive lineman would rather everyone stop with the questions about Ndamukong Suh's handiwork from a season ago.

The Detroit Lions defensive tackle was caught slamming his foot into Dietrich-Smith during that 27-15 loss to the Packers on Nov. 24. Dietrich-Smith wouldn't have been in that position were he not filling in for Josh Sitton at center for the game. Still, this was ages ago, and it's time to move on. Right?

"I don't even think about it anymore," Dietrich-Smith told ESPN Milwaukee. "I think writers and stuff try to make more about it than it was, but it's not really on my mind."

The Packers return to Ford Field on Sunday with Sitton and Dietrich-Smith both slated to start at guard. Sitton preached a clean slate -- sort of.

"That's something that's in the past. We can't really think about anything that's gone on in the past," Sitton said, adding this: "He just better not stomp me."

You've been warned, Mr. Suh.

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