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Packers' Jarrett Bush says 49ers 'really didn't beat us'

Alex Smith was essentially flawless. Frank Goreran wild through the Packers defense. Late in the Green Bay Packers' loss to the San Francisco 49ers, we thought the Packers were lucky just to be in the game.

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The Packers feel differently.

"We beat ourselves. They really didn't beat us," cornerback Jarrett Bush said after the game, via the Green Bay Press-Gazette. "We just have to hunker down and make sure we're gap sound and get on the same page. Obviously, small things being miscommunicated on the field become big things, so they exploited us and that's what happened."

Oh boy. If any of this sounds familiar, let's replay some comments from Clay Matthews this offseason about Green Bay's playoff loss to the New York Giants.

"The fact is, (the Giants) didn't beat us; we beat ourselves," Matthews told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports.

Give us a break. The Giants and 49ers pushed the Packers around. Green Bay has lost three of its last five games. Their defense was generally awful for all of last season.

Many of the Packers -- especially the team's offense -- gave the 49ers their due credit. But there appears to be a segment of the Packers defense that remains in denial about their consistently poor play.  The attitude that no other team can actually beat the Packers might be part of the problem.

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