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Packers hope to avoid '62 team's Turkey Day blunder

There's been very little to pout over in Green Bay this season, but an ominous historical footnote looms on the horizon for the 10-0 Packers.

The last time Green Bay won its first 10 games was way back in 1962, but that hot streak took a dirt nap with a Thanksgiving Day loss to the Lions.

Now this year's so-good-they're-boring Packerstravel to Detroit amid eerily familiar circumstances, but if today's players on either roster are savvy to past events, it's not apparent.

Detroit's Ndamukong Suh and Matthew Stafford had to be informed of the 49-year-old win, despite coach Jim Schwartz arguing their case.

"Guys that have been here obviously know a lot about the history and the tradition, but we have new players, we have rookies, we have other players that have never experienced what goes on in Detroit on Thanksgiving," Schwartz told The Associated Press. "So yeah, we talk about the history of the game."

The Lions confront a larger challenge Thursday than memorizing faded box scores dominated by Milt Plum and Bart Starr.

The Packers' attack appears unstoppable. Maybe Suh and the boys have something to say about that, but if we're hanging our hat on that '62 affair as some type of omen, know the following: Green Bay didn't lose again that season, convincingly winning the NFL championship, and that appears more relevant to this team than anything else.

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