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Packer backer likely regrets $240K road trip to Lambeau

Grieving Packers fans, take solace in the fact that you're not Peter Serafin.

How to drop $240K without trying

   » 1,086 miles to travel in a 70-foot RV 

» 2 waitresses

» 3 TVs

» 26 bottles of champagne

» 65 Kobe beef burgers

» 100 gallons of beer

» 150 pounds of prime beef

» 10 live lobsters

» 6 seats on the 50-yard line

-- The New York Post

Who's Peter Serafin, you ask? Well, he's a successful New York businessman and avid Packers fan who decided to drop $240,000 on a road trip to the NFC Divisional Playoff Game against the Giants at Lambeau Field.

(Go ahead. Read that last sentence again. This actually happened.)

Serafin, 57, brought five friends -- all diehard Giants fans -- and that ratio likely worked against him on the 20-hour trip home following Big Blue's stunning 37-20 win on Sunday.

Serafin, who's called a "Wall Street fat cat" in a New York Post report, sounded like a man who had no idea his cushy life was about to be upended by one ridiculously opulent decision.

"It's exciting," the 1 percenter told The Post before departing on the trip, oblivious to the 2,000-pound anvil dangling above his head. "I can't wait. I wish I was in Green Bay tailgating right now. It's like a dream come true."

The dream now is a Vince Young-sized nightmare, as is the reality that awaits him when his RV pulls into the driveway and he's met by the wife who pretended she was cool with him skipping their 28th wedding anniversary for all this.

And finally, surely you were wondering how it's possible to spend a quarter of a million bucks on a weekend road trip to an NFL stadium. Please see the detailed breakdown to your right and try not to think of the stubborn recession that continues to slowly asphyxiate our fair nation.

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