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Osi Umenyiora replacing Terrell Suggs is unlikely

It's not hard to connect the dots following Terrell Suggs' torn Achilles' tendon injury.

The Baltimore Ravensneed a pass rusher, and New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese sounded like he was open to the possibility of trading Osi Umenyiora in comments made after the draft. To make it even juicier, The Baltimore Sun and the New York Daily News reported last year that the Ravens showed interest in Umenyiora for a possible trade.

Sounds like a match made in speculation heaven, right? Not exactly.

The Giants didn't trade Umenyiora last year because teams like the Ravens balked at New York's first-round asking price. The Giants likely received calls on Umenyiora during the draft, but again, no one made an offer Reese couldn't refuse.

It's not in Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome's DNA to give up high future draft picks. Umenyiora is especially costly because he would require a big long-term deal to make the trade sensible. (And the Ravens are tight to the salary cap.) There also are questions about how he'd fit in the 3-4 defense. Newsome probably has more confidence in his young pass rushers than the average Ravens fan.

The biggest obstacle of all here: The Giants aren't motivated sellers. They have Umenyiora under contract at a low price. He's valuable to them, and they can live through a little offseason drama. After all, they have done it plenty of times before.

Umenyiora-to-Baltimore makes sense on message boards, but we suspect the speculation will end there.

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