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Osi Umenyiora dismisses agent, but won't say 'fired'

Osi Umenyiora doesn't have a new contract with the New York Giants, and he hasn't been traded to a team that will pay him the money he believes he deserves. Now, his agent paid the price for his client's offseason of discontent.

Umenyiora confirmed Thursday that he has cut ties with Tony Agnone, who has been his representation for the past five years. Umenyiora didn't want to say he "fired" Agnone, but when you terminate someone else's employment this is usually how this stuff is portrayed.

"Fired is too harsh a word," Umenyiora wrote to Mike Garafolo of The Star-Ledger. "I just came to the conclusion that this situation I don't think he can help me with."

The dismissal comes at a time when Umenyiora and the Giants appear to be at an impasse. It was reported on Wednesday that the two sides remain "very far apart" in talks for a new deal.

The twist in the story here is that this apparently isn't the first time Umenyiora fired Agnone this offseason. The Star Ledger reported, citing an unnamed source, that Umenyiora fired Agnone earlier this year, but the agent talked himself back into a job with the promise he would get the defensive end paid by the Giants or traded somewhere else.

Umenyiora's patience apparently ran out this week.

"I have no agent currently," he wrote, "and I'm not really looking for one."

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