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Only the best: Six videos that explain Week 3

Each week on "Only the Best," we highlight some of the best plays, performances and moments from the previous Sunday.

The Chicago Bears had their huge lead cut to four points Sunday night with more than 10 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. The Pittsburgh Steelers had all the momentum and looked poised for the comeback. Then Jay Cutler took over.

The Bears quarterback has led some impressive drives this season, but perhaps none more splendid than Sunday night's, which essentially ended the game. Cutler converted three consecutive third downs to keep the drive alive. The first was a 13-yard scramble, in which he lowered his throwing shoulder into a defender. The second was a deep pass on third-and-12. The last was probably Cutler's best of the night: A perfectly thrown touchdown pass to Earl Bennett. Boom. Game, Blouses.

The Cincinnati Bengals became the first team in NFL history to lead by 14 points, trail by 16 points and still win, according to the NFL Media research team.

The game-winning score is a microcosm of the topsy-turviness that was the Bengals' 34-30 win over the Green Bay Packers.

Ryan Tannehill is starting to get the national recognition we have been pushing for since last season. His final drive of the game summed up why he needs to be in any discussion about good young NFL quarterbacks.

Tannehill displayed composure and accuracy and proved the moment isn't too big for him as he marched down the field. His final throw to tight end Dion Sims looked liked a basketball player tossing the ball into the post. Gorgeous.

Jordan Cameron needs to be on any "best" list this week. He beasted out against the Minnesota Vikingson Sunday, lifting the Cleveland Browns from the mid-week doldrums of the Trent Richardson trade. His three-touchdown day was culminated by a nice game-winning touchdown grab.

Jake Locker to Justin Hunter for the game winning score with 15 seconds remaining is one of those, "Jiminy Christmas, did that just happen?" plays. (Unfortunately for San Diego Chargers fans, they've seen too many of those go the wrong way.)

And finally -- because his trade was the story of the week -- Richardson's carry on his first rush as an Indianapolis Colt rounds out this weeks list. The fact that it was a touchdown helps. It must have been a sweet moment for T-Rich. The stomping of the San Francisco 49ers didn't hurt either.

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