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Olivia Munn: Tony Romo, now settled down, will excel

Good news, Dallas Cowboys fans. Noted relationship expert/sports psychologist Olivia Munn is confident Tony Romo is about to go next level.

During an appearance on "The Rich Eisen Podcast", Munn, an Oklahoma native, pledged her allegiance to the Cowboys before explaining why the recently settled-down Romo will thrive this season.

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"I'm not going to talk about how deep the defensive line is, but I honestly think most men, once they settle down, they get married and have their kid, their careers become so great because they don't have any more distractions of trying to find that feeling of family," she said. "And now I feel like Romo's going to be able to do something wonderful."

Eisen, audibly intrigued, asked her to elaborate on her theory.

"Yes, because now he has this extra energy of finding 'the one' or finding the wife, this is my opinion on all men, that I think all men want a girlfriend," said Munn, who we must clarify, is an actress, not a relationship expert/sports psychologist. "I really do. In the beginning, they pretend they don't, but once they're in it ... "

At that point, Munn trails into a commentary on breastfeeding. All you creeps out there can listen to Rich's podcast to find out more about that.

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