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Oher hears it from Twitterverse after blanking on Jobs' death

Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher asked his 78,000-plus Twitter followers a simple question.

"Can somebody help me out? Who was Steve Jobs!" he inquired after news broke of the Apple founder's death on Oct. 5.

What followed was predictable. Know-it-alls emerged from every corner, berating Oher for his lack of current-events prowess.

"Wow you mean to tell me everybody knew who he was!! Man get real so many fake ppl! Lol" he later wrote, before telling everyone: "Mistake I won't make again respect and R I P Steve Jobs."

In an awkward sidenote, Oher tweeted this material from an iPhone. 

The subject of the 2009 film "The Blind Side" was thrown by the heat.

"Oh man, that was terrible," Oher told the Carroll County Times. "I grew up knowing Bill Gates. I didn't know who Steve Jobs was. When did I have an opportunity to learn who Steve Jobs was? I didn't get it. It was crazy how people responded.

"I'm a pretty smart guy, on and off the field no matter what people think. I asked the guys in the locker room and half of them didn't know who he was before he died."

Half the Ravens' locker room has some homework to do.

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