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Ochocinco won't delete Twitter handle after Vick challenge

The great "FIFA Soccer 12" challenge went down as scheduled Tuesday night between Patriots wideout Chad Ochocinco and Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

The final score was 1-1, an anti-climatic result given the stakes. Ochocinco said he would delete his Twitter account if he lost to Vick. That tragedy narrowly averted, Ochcocinco can continue to spread his gospel -- or at least sound off on the lesser-known works of Al Pacino -- to all three million of his followers.

"I lost 3 hours of sleep due to a small video game challenge I've a arisen an hour later than normal," Ochocinco tweeted on Wednesday morning. "I won't get the worm but cheese is cool."

Vick seemed pleased with the outcome, especially after Ochocinco bragged he is "ranked 6,012 out of millions world wide."

"1-1 final!!!" Vick tweeted. "Big homie got game."

In other Ochocinco Twitter news, the receiver recently convinced PatriotsPro Bowler Wes Welker to create an account. Ochocinco -- who also convinced tight end Aaron Hernandez to sign up -- has made it known Tom Brady is his No. 1 target.

Brady said during his Tuesday media session that Ochocinco shouldn't get his hopes up.

"I'm a lot tougher sell than those guys," he said.

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