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Ochocinco speaks up after scoring first TD as a Patriot

Chad Ochocinco is back in the news. You remember him, don't you?

Here's a refresher: Ochocinco is the former Pro Bowl wide receiver/B-list reality star/compulsive tweeter who was traded to the Patriots this season to serve as a vertical threat for Tom Brady. Ochocinco struggled to assimilate himself into New England's offense, however, rendering him an afterthought. An extremely well-compensated afterthought.

But Ochocinco finally found the end zone Sunday against the Broncos, and Tuesday, he spoke to the media for the first time in weeks.

The receiver was asked how it felt to be part of the 33-yard scoring play in New England's 41-23 win in Denver.

"It was cool," Ochocinco said, flashing a big smile, according to the Boston Herald.

Ochocinco shot down one reporter's assertion that he has had a disappointing season. Ochocinco has just 14 catches for 261 yards and the one touchdown in 13 games (three starts).

"The year's been great. We're 11-3," he said. "That's it. Everyone continues to look at it from an individual standpoint. I embrace the role I have here. I'm doing what I'm supposed to do, I'm working hard. We're 11-3."

In other Ochocinco news, the receiver engaged in a Twitter back and forth with Eagles quarterback Michael Vick on Tuesday over a video-game challenge. Ochocinco has agreed to delete his Twitter account -- the equivalent of another person agreeing to saw off their own arm -- if he loses to Vick in "FIFA Soccer 12."

Ochocinco wouldn't put so much on the line unless he was absolute certain of the outcome. Of course, Ochocinco probably also was certain he'd have more than one touchdown by Christmas. This game needs to be on pay-per-view.

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