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Oakland Raiders sign nephew of Brian Bosworth

On a Monday night way back in 1987, the (then Los Angeles) Raidersgot the best of an overhyped Seattle Seahawks linebacker named Brian Bosworth in front of a national television audience.

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Now the Silver and Black are hoping another member of the Bosworth clan can make the team look good all over again.

Oakland on Thursday signed linebacker Korey Bosworth, Brian's nephew, who played at UCLA before spending part of 2010 with the Denver Broncos and Detroit Lions.

"He's a guy that we're bringing in for some depth at linebacker," Raiders coach Dennis Allentold Comcast SportsNet Bay Area, "giving him an opportunity to play some special teams Friday night and see what he can do."

Brian "The Boz" Bosworth was one of nation's most celebrated prospects coming out of Oklahoma in 1987. Drafted by the Seahawks in that year's supplemental draft for what was then the largest rookie contract in league history, he stole headlines with his brash talk, wild haircuts and weekly stunts -- for instance, flying to practice in a helicopter.

Brian's brief career on the field was never the same after he insulted the Raiders' Bo Jackson before a Monday Night Football clash in 1987, only to be plowed over by the running back for a touchdown. The Boz retired just two seasons later, embarking on a film career that was arguably just as rocky, unless you're one of those guys with a VHS copy of "Stone Cold" tucked away in your man cave.

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