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Oakland Raiders all in on elimination of 'Tuck Rule'

We told you earlier Thursday about the NFL Competition Committee's planned proposal to eliminate the odious "Tuck Rule."

The Oakland Raiders, who were on the wrong side of history in making the rule infamous, appear to be on board with any addendum to the rulebook.

Ex-Raiders safety Charles Woodson -- who should've been credited with a sack and forced fumble on the hit you see above -- also chimed in.

" 'Bout damn time," Woodson told ESPN Wisconsin's Jason Wilde in a text message Thursday.

Props to the Silver & Black for having a sense of humor about one of the most horrifying chapters in their history.

While we're here, additional props for going with the capped-out Twitter handle. A bit on the nose, but it successfully conveys that the "RAIDERS" are not to be trifled with.

I think we're done here.

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