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O.J. Murdock called former coach before death

The apparent suicide of Tennessee Titans wide receiver O.J. Murdock remains confusing and heartbreaking one day after we first learned the news.

His family and friends in Tampa, Fla., are in a state of shock. Murdock left a suicide note which could contain some answers, but it's unclear if the note will remain private. The police say an investigation into Murdock's apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound is ongoing.

His older sister Kerri Murdock told the Tampa Tribune she had no idea that her brother was considering suicide or that he was in trouble. The details of Murdock's final hours alive are deeply saddening.

He called one of his former middle school coaches Aesha Bailey on Morning morning.

"He just kept saying 'I'm sorry, coach. I'm sorry,' " Bailey said. "That's all he said."

Bailey found Murdock in his car in the parking lot of Middleton High, where Murdock attended high school. Murdock also texted Tampa Tribune prep school reporter Bill Ward on Sunday, a day before Murdock's death.

"Hey Mr Ward, it's OJ Murdock…. I just want to thank u for everything you've done for me and my family. Can't thank you enough," the message said.

Ward responded: "Hi O.J. Thanks for those kind words. Are you recovered from the Achilles and back in camp with the (Titans)?"

Murdock never responded. Those closest to Murdock are trying to come to grips with what happened.

"I just went limp," Murdock's high school coach Harry Hubbard said when he heard the news. "It was very tough to believe. That is the last thing we thought would have happened."

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