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Nineteen scouts unanimously pick Luck over RG3

When the Indianapolis Colts select Andrew Luck with the No. 1 overall pick in next week's draft, they're not just filling a need. They're getting the best player available.

This according to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel poll of 20 NFL talent evaluators. No less than 17 chose Luck as the top player in the 2012 draft.

The other three votes? Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III received two, and Alabama running back Trent Richardson nabbed one.

The poll generated some intriguing results:

When 19 scouts offered to rank the top five quarterbacks in the draft (with the top passer netting five points, on down to one), Luck was chosen first by every one of them.

The Journal Sentinel has run this poll for a decade, and only Sam Bradford in 2010 garnered every first-place vote.

ATL's take: It speaks to the sentiment that Luck is a safe pick, bordering on a sure thing. It's outrageous to call him the next Peyton Manning -- and unfair -- but he's not the next Tim Couch.

Brooks: Prospect tiers

There are three tiers of top-end prospects: elites, blue chips and red chips. Bucky Brooks breaks down the 2012 class.

The quarterback rankings from top to bottom: Luck (95 total points); RG3 (75); Ryan Tannehill (57); Brandon Weeden (18); Brock Osweiler (14); Kirk Cousins (13); Russell Wilson (6); B.J Coleman, Ryan Lindley and Kellen Moore (2); and Nick Foles (1).

ATL's take: Somewhat surprised to see Foles this low on the list. Nothing else feels out of place.

The quarterback most likely to bust? Tall-as-the-trees Osweiler led with eight votes. The rest: Tannehill (4); Weeden (3); RG3 and Cousins (2); and Wilson (1).

ATL's take: Osweiler faces the stigma of tall passers before him -- many who fizzled -- but he's also praised for his strong arm and leadership. Not a pleasant contest to win.

Do you agree with the results? Let us know.

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