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Niners' Harbaugh wanted blood after fearless sack by Brooks

We won't call Jim Harbaugh crazy, but he's certainly unusual in the typically buttoned-up world of NFL coaches.

The 49ers coach was asked Wednesday what he thought about a play made by linebacker Ahmad Brooks, who forced a fumble with a sack of Browns quarterback Colt McCoy despite losing his helmet prior to impact.

San Francisco recovered the fumble and subsequently drove in for a touchdown during Sunday's 20-10 victory. Brooks gained a bloodied lip -- and the respect of his coach -- for his effort.

"Loved it, loved it," Harbaugh said Wednesday, according to the San Francisco Chronicle (via Shutdown Corner). "Wish he could have come and wiped some of (the blood) on my cheek."

We're telling you, Harbaugh loved this play. He also said he had a photo of the play blown up and hung in the 49ers' meeting room.

"A lot of guys probably would have closed the eyes when they are making that tackle," said Harbaugh, who's possibly gazing upon the photo right now in the way an art curator would examine a rare Monet. "Not Ahmad Brooks."

We wonder if there's something in the water in the coach's office at Candlestick Park. The last guy who had the gig took his pants off during a halftime speech. Now, Harbaugh's going all "Lord of the Flies" on us.

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