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Niners coach Harbaugh takes shot at California after loss

Jim Harbaugh's inner world isn't for sale.

The 49ers coach grew frustrated Monday with questions he deemed too chatty in the wake of the previous day's NFC Championship Game loss to the Giants.

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"How did you spend your time after the game? What did you do last night?" a reporter asked Harbaugh during his season-ending news conference.

Harbaugh emitted an awkward giggle, according to The Press Democrat, before diving headfirst into a bristling account of life on the West Coast.

"Is it just California, that everybody just wants to know how you feel?" Harbaugh asked the room. "Care about what you thought, what you did, how you felt, how your pinky feels? ...

"Is that just a California thing? Back where I come from, nobody really cares. In my opinion, it is a California thing."

Harbaugh insisted he didn't "feel comfortable" discussing his nightly activities, calling that "a Midwestern thing."


Harbaugh isn't exactly fresh off the bus. Michigan roots aside, he attended Palo Alto High School before stints with the Raiders, the University of San Diego, Stanford and now the Niners. In a season that offered a heavy dose of joy in the streets of San Francisco, Harbaugh left the Bay Area shaking its head this time.

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