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Nick Folk: Ditching extra point 'disservice' to kickers

New York Jets kicker Nick Folk has heard about the NFL's potential plan to deep-six extra points -- and he isn't a fan of the concept.

"That's going to take away something from us," Folk said Wednesday, per The Star-Ledger. "It's been a part of the game for so long. And I think that it would be a disservice to take it away."

Commissioner Roger Goodell told NFL Media's Rich Eisen last month that the league's Competition Committee might eventually eliminate the time-tested point after in favor of an updated scoring system. One possible solution would make touchdowns worth an automatic seven points, with the option to go for an eighth, either by running or passing the ball. Fail to punch it in, and you go back to six.

"The extra point is almost automatic," Goodell told Eisen, pointing to NFL data that reveals a 99.1 percent success rate on points after since 2004.

It makes plenty of sense that Folk would fight for the snooze-inducing play, considering he's connected on all 269 of his extra points attempts during his seven-year career.

"I know it's a successful thing, but so is throwing for 5,000 yards now," said Folk. "Nobody could do it a long time ago, and now, shoot, there's five or six guys doing it a year. Are they going eliminate the forward pass again?"

Sorry, Mr. Folk, but our stance remains unchanged: Old-school football historians might disagree, but axing the extra point is one idea that makes plenty of sense.

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