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Nick Foles fever is taking over Philadelphia Eagles

We've been writing up a rookie quarterback roundup after each preseason week, focusing on the five rookie quarterbacks who were starting or competing to start around the league. We've mostly overlooked the most surprising and productive rookie quarterback of the bunch.

Philadelphia Eagles third-round draft pick Nick Foles has been a revelation in the preseason in training camp. Eagles coach Andy Reid can't remember a rookie quarterback that played so well. Mike Kafka was expected to be Philadelphia's backup, but Foles seems likely to pass him if he plays well this week as a starter.

In Philly, they love to tear stars down. But they also live to build up young players. The Philadelphia Daily News called Foles a "sensation" on Wednesday in a profile. The "phenom" had a boatload of cameras and reporters waiting to talk to him Wednesday morning. Foles is wary of "basking in adulation" according to the article.

He's an exciting player to watch because he has a varied skill set. Foles has made some great throws on the run with pressure in his face.

Philly Magazine wrote that "on a scale of 1-to-Tebow, Nick Foles is now registering." He's averaging 9.5 YPA with four touchdowns and an interception in two games. The prettiest score was on a play that showed off his deep accuracy.

So where does Foles fever go from here? We expect him to pass Kafka on the depth chart. We expect Foles to start a game or two this year because Michael Vick can't stay healthy. And we expect the fan base to push to make Foles the starter in 2013 if Vick struggles. Vick's contract won't get in Philly's way.

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