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Nick Foles expected to be in demand this offseason

While Eagles quarterback Nick Foles takes the field today, the hope in Philadelphia is that any questions about his offseason wait a few weeks. As far as they are concerned, they can discuss it in February.

Whenever it's over for the Eagles, they will have to address how they are going to move on from Foles and hand the ball back to franchise QB Carson Wentz. And while they have yet to fully dig into the mechanism they'll use -- do they exercise Foles' $20 million option or franchise-tag him -- one aspect is relatively clear.

The Eagles are expected to have a quality trade market for Foles, sources say.

The former Super Bowl MVP, who picked up where he left off this year by improbably leading his team to the playoffs again, is expected to be the top QB available in a year with few free-agent options and even fewer highly drafted options.

Teddy Bridgewater, who earned the start in a Week 17 loss to the Saints, is a free agent. Thirty-three-year-old Joe Flacco is expected to be a free agent or trade bait, and a source said he does want to continue playing. Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles and Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill will also be free.

But Foles is the belle of the ball. And based on conversations with several decision-makers around the NFL, the Eagles should be able to cash in on Foles' success. Maybe not to the tune of the first-rounder and more they got for Sam Bradford a few years back.

But when Wentz's health was up in this air this offseason, they turned down an offer for a second-round pick for Foles. The price may have gone up.

As far as the mechanism, the Eagles have options. They can tag Foles and trade him, as the Dolphins did with Jarvis Landry last year. They can also exercise his $20 million option, which would lead Foles to buy back his freedom for $2 million, which may lead Philly to tag him anyway.

In the end, a tag may be the best option. Either way, while Foles is due a large pay increase after the way he's performed the past two seasons, it does seem the Eagles will be able to get paid on him, as well.

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