Nick Foles expected to be a free agent after the season

When the Eagles re-worked Nick Foles' contract before the season, it drew great fanfare. That happens when the Super Bowl MVP gets a dramatic adjustment to his deal. But after Foles headed to the bench in Week 3, talk of his contract ended. So did the storyline of him changing teams, as Philly didn't get any calls for him around trade deadline time.

Now that Foles is the starter today and likely going forward through the regular season - as Carson Wentz hopes to heal a stress fracture in his back - Foles' status is once again in the spotlight.

The expectation is that Foles, thanks in part to his altered deal, will be a free agent. Here is why: The Eagles have a $20-million option for 2019, which they would only pick up if he's the starter (and Wentz should make a full recovery, so Foles won't start).

Foles can buy back the option by paying $2 million. The team can also franchise him, theoretically. So almost certainly, he's free.

At this point, especially if the Eagles lose tonight, Wentz is likely going to get his next start in 2019. That would net Foles $250,000 per start or $750,000 total. A win gets him an extra $250,000 per game.

Foles has already earned a $2 million signing bonus and $750,000 from the first two games. He can earn up to $1.5 million if Philly runs the table.

In all, Foles' new deal is slated to earn up to at least $3.5 million extra added to his base salary of $4 million. More than enough to buy his freedom (assuming Philly doesn't simply release him) and potentially give him the chance to start in 2019.

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