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NFLPA sends memo to players updating CBA negotiations

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith sent a memo to players Thursday detailing the state of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations with the league, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported Thursday.

In the memo, Smith notes some tentative agreements between the two sides on issues including revenue to players, increases in minimum salaries, reduction of contact during training camp practices, decreases in fines for on-field contact and modifications to the league's drug policy. But Smith also notes that "the major issues separating us are significant enough that we cannot recommend to our membership that we should accept a deal in this state at this time."

Pelissero reports that the "major issues" the memo outlines include max revenue split, minimum cash spending requirements, continuation of the league's Legacy Fund and removing the funding rule as a barrier to guaranteed contracts.

The memo also states that current talks have "proceeded with the NFL conditioning proposed increases in economics and other improvements on a potential 17-game model, with reduced preseason games and potentially an expanded playoff schedule."

The current CBA expires in March 2021.

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