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NFL won't change challenge rule before start of playoffs

IRVING, Texas -- There will be no immediate change to the challenge rule before the start of the playoffs, a source involved in the process said Wednesday.

The rule became infamous after a Jim Schwartz challenge attempt cost his team a touchdown during the Detroit Lions' 34-31 overtime loss to the Houston Texans on Thanksgiving Day.

All scoring plays are automatically reviewed, but per the rule, if a team challenges a scoring play, it is given an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The rule states, "the Replay Official cannot initiate a review of any ruling against a team that commits a foul that delays the next snap."

Schwartz threw a challenge flag after game officials failed to rule Texans running back Justin Forsett down by contact during his 81-yard touchdown run.

The NFL plans to discuss the rule Wednesday at the December Special League Meeting, but no change to the challenge rule is expected to take place until the offseason.

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