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NFL will investigate Redskins' reporting of RG3 injury

Robert Griffin III went to the locker room during Sunday's 24-17 loss to the Atlanta Falcons to take concussion tests. So how did the Washington Redskins announce his injury? 

They officially said their rookie quarterback was "shaken up" and questionable to return to the game. They never updated his status. That characterization could land the Redskins in hot water.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello confirmed to and NFL Network that the league is looking into if the Redskins followed league rules that require teams be accurate and timely in reporting injury information.

We also have an issue with how Redskins coach Mike Shanahan characterized Griffin's injury after the game.

"When he really wasn't sure what quarter it was, what score it was, we knew he had a mild concussion, at least according to the doctors," Shanahan said. "(He) feels good right now, a lot better right now. But that was the situation why he didn't go back into the game."

It's time to kill the term "mild concussion." It's only mild if someone else suffers it. Apart from being medically inaccurate, the term downplays the severity of suffering a concussion. It's basically an update of the outdated terms "bell rung" or "shaken up."

Sorry Redskins, but "shaken up" is not a medical condition.

UPDATE:RG3 believes he will pass the necessary tests over the next couple days and be ready to play next Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, a team source told NFL Network's Michelle Beisner.

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