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NFL unlikely to have centralized replay for 2014 season

Don't expect centralized replay to be employed by the NFL next season.

When the NFL Competition Committee met Tuesday, it only briefly touched on the topic of moving all replays to one location in order to streamline consistency and the speed of reviews.

Rich McKay, the chairman of the committee, threw cold water on the idea of the change happening in 2014.

"(We) brought it up (Tuesday) for 15 minutes," McKay told NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport earlier this week. "Simply, the membership the last couple years, we've had a lot of discussion around replay, and around its original premise and how it's being used today. And just the fact that technology has made replay probably grow a little more than we originally thought it would, so (we're) just putting our arms around what's our system going to look like.

"Maybe not next year. Maybe next year, it's the same as this year. But into the future, that discussion is going to take many days. And I think we'll go way past Indianapolis and into Naples and into the March meetings with the membership."

It had been speculated that the NFL would push for a centralized location -- similar to the NHL -- for all reviews in 2014. In December, Commissioner Roger Goodell said that centralizing replay would mitigate some inconsistencies in the calls from game to game.

"Consistency is important," Goodell said. "By bringing it into the league office on Sundays and having one person actually making that decision, you can make an argument there's consistency."

It appears the Competition Committee would rather slow-play that move.

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