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'NFL Total Access' recap: Von Miller banned, Eagles pick Vick

Did you miss Tuesday's edition of "NFL Total Access" on NFL Network? Catch up with this recap:

Fallout from Von Miller suspension

Darren Sharper believes Miller's suspension will have a huge impact, and the Denver Broncos' defense will be leaky like it was against the Seattle Seahawks during their Saturday matchup. Sharper says they could struggle against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 1. Heath Evans isn't as worried because he believes they will still put up 30 points a game with Peyton Manning. Sharper argues they could've gone undefeated in the first six games, but now chances are slim. Evans thinks Manning is the cure-all, and the Broncos will be just fine.

Did Chip Kelly make the right decision starting Michael Vick?

Evans says this was a no-brainer as Vick gives the Philadelphia Eagles the best chance to win. He says when Vick is on the field, the Eagles could score on any given play. Sharper added that he envisions Chip Kelly needing a mobile quarterback once this offense gets going in the regular season. Evans and Sharper both believe the biggest issue is Vick's health. If he is going to be used in rushing plays, he could be extremely vulnerable.

Fantasy impact of Von Miller's injury

Michael Fabiano says Von Miller's loss hurts the Broncos' defense in fantasy draft standings. With Elvis Dumervil gone, the Broncos, who were ranked in the top five in fantasy going into this year, have dropped as low as 11th in Fabiano's new rankings. He says the defense is undraftable without Von Miller.

Antonio Smith helmet issue

Evans says Houston Texans running back Ben Tate is crazy for tweeting in defense of teammate Antonio Smith. Heath believes there is no place for the type of behavior Smith exhibited with Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito. Sharper says if Smith made contact it could have killed Incognito. Evans is disappointed that Smith will be suspended for only one regular-season game in addition to the two remaining preseason games.

Brandon Weeden on Browns Cam

Brandon Weeden checked in via Cleveland Browns Team Cam to talk about being named the starting quarterback. Weeden said his approach hasn't changed, and he's most concerned about coming to work every day and working hard, earning the trust of teammates and coaching staff. He realized that he didn't play well enough to give the Browns a chance to win last year, and he's focused on becoming a better quarterback. He said he needs to be more consistent and perform well in big situations.

When asked about the impact of Norv Turner, he said the team's new offensive coordinator brings a great scheme and coaches him on every play. Weeden added, "When he talks, I listen." He said Turner uses film of Troy Aikman to show him how his feet should look and how the scheme works.

Brandon Weeden named starting QB

Evans says Weeden is a solid choice, but it's still the preseason. He says Weeden's made some growth, and that Norv Turner is a good coordinator, but he points out that Weeden went up against St. Louis and Detroit, both poor defensive teams in 2012. Sharper pointed out that Aikman threw to Michael Irvin. Darren says Weeden was all right as a rookie but calls him "an old rookie." Evans believes with a strong running game, Cleveland's offense could be "no joke."

Heath and Darren react to Brian Hartline comments

Evans disagrees with Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline's comments regarding D.J. Swearinger's hit on Dustin Keller, saying Hartline shouldn't let his "big money payday" go to his head. Evans said it's almost impossible for a defender to do his job in today's game. He points out that Matt Slauson cut Brian Cushing last season on a play in which Cushing tore his ACL. Heath says there is a double standard, and that there needs to be protection for players in Dustin Keller's situation. 

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