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'NFL Total Access' recap: Tyrann Mathieu focused in

Did you miss Thursday's edition of "NFL Total Access" on NFL Network? Catch up with this recap:

Mathieu in good place

Albert Breer joined us off the top and said some teams located geographically close to New Orleans took Tyrann Mathieu off their draft board due to off-the-field concerns. Breer also said the Cardinals are a good fit due to his mentor, Patrick Peterson, already being on the team. Breer said another former LSU teammate, Kevin Minter, said he has never seen Mathieu so focused.

Charley Casserly joined us and said if his team drafted Mathieu, he would have forfeiture language in the contract, similar to what the Jaguars had with Justin Blackmon, if he is ever suspended for substance abuse.

Woodson wants to play

Charles Woodson said it is frustrating that he has not been picked up yet. Woodson said when the free agency process started he was looking to play for a contender, but at this point he just wants to play next season.

Woodson said the mobile quarterbacks definitely have a place in the NFL moving forward. He said the best way to defend those quarterbacks is to have defenders who can contain and not let them outside the pocket. Woodson said he wished the Packers would have done what they did this year a few seasons ago in drafting running backs Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin.

Wyche: Q&A with Roger Goodell

The Commish discusses a myriad of topics, including homosexuality in sports, the crown-of-the-helmet rule and Tim Tebow. **More ...**

Do Patriots have enough weapons?

Willie McGinest was asked if the Patriots have placed enough weapons around Tom Brady. McGinest said if guys like Donald Jones and Michael Jenkins can learn the playbook and comprehend the offense, they can succeed.

We discussed Mike Silver's Tim Tebow article with Casserly, who reminded us that not many teams (maybe only one) wanted Tebow out of college. Casserly went on to say a team can manage the media circus if they believe he is a quality quarterback, which Casserly said he is not.

Cornerback ratings

Woodson said Tyrann Mathieu has 99 problems but playing football ain't one. He believes Mathieu's biggest challenge is going to be limiting all those old friends that want a piece of him and his time.

Woodson said Richard Sherman is the best cornerback in the league right now, especially with Darrelle Revis coming off injury. McGinest agrees Sherman is an elite player but also threw both Bears corners in the mix.

Goodell on latest NFL news

Commissioner Roger Goodell joined us to discuss a number of topics, including the crown-of-the-helmet rule, saying the coaches agreed in March to coach it out of the game. Coaches want to return to the use of the shoulder. The Commissioner said time will tell if the failed Miami stadium-improvement funding proposal will have any effect on future Super Bowl bids. He did say the stadium is a big component of any Super Bowl bid.

Commissioner Goodell said NFL players are tolerant and accepting, and would be so if a player came out as gay. The Commissioner applauded the way NBA players have acted since Jason Collins' announcement and feels NFL players would react in the same manner.

Lindsay Rhodes, Warren Sapp and Dave Dameshek joined us to talk Top 100. They talked about Colin Kaepernick's ranking of 81 being way too low, saying if there was a draft tomorrow he would go in the top 15.

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