'NFL Total Access' recap: Two big hits, one big debate

Did you miss Wednesday's "NFL Total Access" on NFL Network? Catch up with this recap:

Miller's precarious position

Ian Rapoport said Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller needs to be very careful going forward when it comes to the league's drug policy. A source told Rapoport that another violation by Miller will be worth a minimum of a one-year suspension. Miller is subjected to 10 tests a month and is in Stage 3 of this policy for the rest of his career.

Rapoport said the timing of Buffalo Bills safety Jairus Byrd signing his tender is interesting since training camp is over. He said Byrd has been working out and he has had the playbook so players and coaches are hoping he'll get up to speed quickly. Some say there is ill will between Byrd and the Bills over the tender offer. Rapoport said of the spat, "It's not over."

Silver picks Seahawks

New NFL.com columnist Michael Silver talked about picking the Seattle Seahawks to beat the Cincinnati Bengals in the Super Bowl. Silver said the Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers are the best two teams on paper going into the season, and that Russell Wilson is special so he's going with the Seahawks. Lindsay Rhodes asked Silver about his choice of the Bengals. Silver said "Hard Knocks" didn't sway him, and he has questions about Andy Dalton, but is banking on Dalton stepping up his game this year.

Owen Daniels

The Houston Texans tight end said his team's young receivers are making that position group stronger, and that when it comes to criticism toward Matt Schaub, the Texans QB doesn't listen to it and the team has confidence in him. Daniels said teammate D.J. Swearinger's controversial hit on Dustin Keller was just part of the game. Daniels said he doesn't like getting hit low and would rather get hit high in that situation, but Swearinger was doing his job and the timing was just bad. Daniels responded to Antonio Smith's suspension for swinging his helmet and said it is an emotional game and Smith would like to have that moment back.

Dean Blandino

The league's vice president of officiating said Swearinger's hit on Keller was legal, but Bostic's hit was illegal because he used the crown of his helmet. Darren Sharper said the problem he has is that defenders have to think too much about where to hit during live action. Heath Evans said if Bostic's head angle changed slightly, he would not have been fined. Sharper says the league is basically saying "hit players low and keep money in your pocket."

Hall of Fame

Lindsay Rhodes talked with Joe Horrigan, VP of communications/exhibits at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. They talked about the two senior nominees included in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2014: Ray Guy (P, Raiders) and Claude Humphrey (DE, Falcons and Eagles). Horrigan said if a punter is going to make it into the Hall, it has to be Ray Guy, who established the bar. "He could win games for you as a punter," said Horrigan.

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