'NFL Total Access' recap: RGIII's Redskins preseason plans

Did you miss Wednesday's edition of "NFL Total Access" on NFL Network? Catch up with this recap:

NFL.com's Jeff Darlington joined the show to discuss Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III's preseason regimen. Darlington spoke to many coaches and said that the offense will remain the same as it was last season. Darlington reported that the short-term goal is to get RGIII back to football motions and just basic drills on the field. Darlington said that Griffin will put in whatever it takes to get 100 percent healthy by Week 1.

Does RGIII need to play in the preseason?

Shaun O'Hara said Griffin does need the reps, but he doesn't think RGIII should play because of the chance of injury. Willie McGinest thinks if there is no other way to get the timing down through practice, Griffin has to play in at least one preseason game. O'Hara said it's different when guys are coming at you full speed, and Griffin needs to see that in a preseason game before he plays in the regular season.

Irvin heads to Dallas Cowboys camp

Irvin said the Cowboys could be headed toward a Super Bowl if wide receiver Dez Bryant can start this season like he ended last season. When asked about the new Bill Callahan-led play-calling, Irvin replied that the Cowboys had the second-most pass attempts and the second-fewest rushing attempts last year, and he advised that the Cowboys balance that by about 100 attempts each to be more successful.

Von Miller meets media

Michelle Beisner said it was a very smart PR move for Miller to speak to the media. The Denver Broncos pass rusher said he does not feel he let his team down, and he has gotten positive feedback from his teammates, including Champ Bailey. Bailey said the Broncos are ready for a Super Bowl season, according to Beisner.

Bill Belichick discusses Aaron Hernandez

Albert Breer sensed regret, sympathy and even a little embarrassment in New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick's press conference on Hernandez. Belichick said the Patriots will deal with future players on a case-by-case basis. Breer expects that Tom Brady will try to rally the troops.

Which new head coach has best chance at playoffs?

McGinest thought the answer was Marc Trestman and noted that the Chicago Bears should have made the postseason last year with their 10 wins. He was impressed with their top-10 ranking in almost every defensive category. He said if the Bears can get any production out of wide receiver Alshon Jeffery or Earl Bennett to complement Brandon Marshall's 118 receptions, they could have an explosive offense.

Irvin and O'Hara both went with Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs. O'Hara thinks you have to have three things to make it to the postseason: a quarterback who can prevent turnovers, a rushing game and a pass rush. When O'Hara looks at the Chiefs roster, he thinks they look stronger than the Indianapolis Colts looked at this time last year when they had their huge year-to-year swing.

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