'NFL Total Access' recap: NFC South will have repeat winner

Did you miss Saturday's edition of "NFL Total Access" on NFL Network? Catch up with this recap:

Terrell Davis discussed the impact of Dan Koppen, the Denver Broncos' center who suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee and will miss the entire season. When Peyton Manning comes to the line of scrimmage, he must have a center that is able to recognize defenses and make changes on the fly. Davis isn't sure if backup Manny Ramirez's mental game is developed enough to serve as a center -- the quarterback of the offensive line. LaDainian Tomlinson agreed that Manning, at age 37, should have a solid line in front of him to avoid unnecessary hits.

Dennis Pitta's shadow on the Ravens

Tomlinson believes the fact that the Ravens did not pick up an extra wide receiver in free agency or during the draft is a testament to Pitta's role. Davis said the loss of Dennis Pitta is in essence the loss of the two-tight end formation. Now, Ray Rice will have to step up even more in the passing game.

Have Bengals become a threat in the AFC North?

Davis doesn't think the Bengals will be the divisional title winners. He brought up Geno Atkins and his 12.5 sacks, arguing that the D-line is the center of this team. Tomlinson agreed with Davis that the best is yet to come for the "Hard Knocks" stars. He brought up the fact that the team was 27th on third down, then they drafted Tyler Eifert and Giovani Bernard. Tomlinson likes those additions and thinks they are on the right track.

Willie McGinest has the sideline view at Cowboys' camp

McGinest said it didn't seem to be a cause for concern, but Dez Bryant sat on the sidelines during Cowboys practice and is not doing anything full speed on the field. According to McGinest, Miles Austin is looking great on the field, and Lance Dunbar and DeMarco Murray are getting a lot of touches and are practicing red zone and two-minute drills.

Sky's the limit for DeMarco Murray

Tomlinson thinks Murray he is physically gifted enough to be the first 1,200 yard rusher since Emmitt Smith. Both Davis and Tomlinson say the Cowboys running back must stay healthy to reach his potential. In addition, Davis noted that Murray has left yards on the field by not making the final guy miss. He needs to improve both health and technique before he can be the guy in Dallas.

Bradshaw's 'Giant' production can be replaced

Davis thinks David Wilson and Andre Brown will reach the production Ahmad Bradshaw saw last year for the New York Giants. However, neither of them can replace the physical identity of Bradshaw, the analysts agree.

Where will the Saints finish?

McGinest does not think the Saints will finish first in their division, even though they ranked in the top five in almost every offensive category. He is bothered by the defense since they were last in almost every important defensive category. McGinest said defensive coordinator Rob Ryan allows a lot of freedom, but the players will have to be productive in the system. He sees them as a close second behind the Atlanta Falcons. Davis thinks this is the year –- the year there is a repeat winner in the NFC South. It hasn't happened since the realignment.

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