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'NFL Total Access' recap; more from Ravens, Pats losses

Did you miss Friday's edition of "NFL Total Access" on NFL Network? Catch up with this recap:

Seahawks-Packers breakdown

Heath Evans says he's excited to see Eddie Lacy. He said the Green Bay Packers need to add a run dimension to their offense. Darren Sharper compared Lacy to former Packers RBs Dorsey Levens and Ahman Green. He added that after the loss to Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers last season, it'll be interesting to see how the Packers' defense fares against Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch.

Panthers-Ravens postmortem

Darren Sharper said Cam Newton was one of the best young quarterbacks in the league, but pointed out that Newton needs to show consistency on his accuracy. Heath Evans talked about the comparison between Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton, and said Newton outperformed Kap in nearly every offensive category last season in the weeks they played.

When Lindsay Rhodes asked about the Ravens' offense, Sharper said fans shouldn't be concerned -- it's just going to take time for these new receivers and QB Joe Flacco to find chemistry. Heath Evans said when Ray Rice is an integral part of the game, Flacco's numbers are astronomically better.

Patriots-Lions postmortem

Heath Evans said Patriots coach Bill Belichick can make "grown men cry" after a New England loss. The former fullback even did his Belichick impression, which sounded a bit like Jim Mora ("Playoffs!?").

Lindsay Rhodes with Aldon Smith

The dynamic pass rusher said Colin Kaepernick is being more vocal and is also being a good leader off the field. Rhodes brought up Smith's recent statement saying 30 sacks in a season is possible for him. He said it can be done and that he sets his goals pretty high. Sharper said 25 is more realistic, but 30 is just too tough. Evans said it's just basic math and pointed out that after Justin Smith went out last season in Week 15 vs. New England, Aldon Smith didn't record another sack.

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