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NFL to Jaguars: No more 'OW' tag for Denard Robinson

It's not easy being the Jacksonville Jaguars.

We learned Friday that the NFL asked the winless team to strip rookie Denard Robinson of the ambiguous "OW" (or, offensive weapon) label on Jacksonville's official roster.

The request comes a full three months after the Jaguarsdraped Robinson with the title amid reports he would play 10 to 15 snaps per game at running back, receiver, quarterback, fullback and kick returner.

A league spokesman told "Around the League" that the request was issued because "OW" isn't a recognized position.

At least not in Jacksonville, where Robinson has played just 12 snaps all season, rushing for five yards on three carries out of the Wildcat. He's also returned a pair of kickoffs and lost a fumble.

By late Friday afternoon, Jacksonville had listed its fifth-round pick as a receiver on the team's website, officially killing the last bit of fun the Jaguars might have in 2013.

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