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NFL says Jonathan Vilma's expedited hearing should be denied

The NFL filed a request to deny New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma's request for an expedited hearing for a temporary restraining order against the league.

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One of reasons cited in Vilma's request filed Monday hinged on the fact that he could suffer irreparable damage during time he should be rehabbing with the New Orleans Saints medical staff. In response to Vilma's filing on Tuesday, the NFL said that is simply not the case.

"Mr. Vilma is incorrect about the ability of the Saints medical staff to interact with him during his suspension; while Mr. Vilma may not attend the Club facility, he can rehabilitate and condition at a private facility and Saints trainers and physicians can monitor and help guide his rehabilitation there," according to the filing obtained by and NFL Network reporter Steve Wyche.

UPDATE:Scottie Patton, the New Orleans Saints head athletic trainer submitted an affidavit on Tuesday in support of Vilma's need to return to the team's training facility.

"I believe it's essential for Vilma to continue his rehab & recovery under the close supervision of Saints training staff," Patton stated in the affidavit obtained by and NFL Network's Albert Breer.

Vilma requested a hearing on Thursday, or as soon as the Eastern District Court of Louisiana's schedule allows. His lawyer, Peter Ginsberg, filed the motion as Vilma continues to contest his season-long suspension for his involvement in the Saints' "bounty" scandal.

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