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NFL's westernmost teams take beating on road

Do the NFL's six westernmost teams face a disadvantage? It appears they do.

This disadvantage occurs when they travel multiple time zones for 1 p.m. ET kickoffs. In the Raiders' world, it's still 10 a.m. at kickoff in Pittsburgh -- and who wants to deal with the Steelers' defense before noon?

First things first: The six teams with "body-clock issues" include the San Diego Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks in the Pacific time zone; and the the Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos in the Mountain time zone.

Our friends at have done the hard work, crunched the digits and drummed up some interesting results:

In 2011, western teams went 15-12 (.556) in road games starting at 10 a.m. PST. Not too shabby, but helped immensely by the 49ers racking up a 5-0 record in those games.

From 2007 to 2010, western teams were 34-72 (.321) in 10 a.m. PST road starts and 33-53 (.384) in late-starting away games. Ouch.

During this stretch, eastern teams dominated this western six-pack with a 44-15 (.746) record against Pacific squads and a 24-11 (.686) mark against Mountain teams. That's 68-26 (.723) overall.

Scott Kacsmar at has obviously burnt the midnight oil on this study (check it out here). It's a great read, and one that might keep you Raiders fans up at night.

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